A day of learning and continued professional development
07 Nov 2019

I attended three seminars organised by the Royal Institute of British Architects as part of my Continued Professional Development. Seminars titled 'Fire Safety for designers post Grenfell',  'CDM 2015: your essential guide to Designers duties' and 'Community engagement: collaborative design techniques'. Three mouthfulls but very informative and useful for our architects practice moving forwards. The fire safety seminar was very hard hitting and highlighted all the things that were stacked against the people who died or have been affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster. Looking forward to the future, and how we designers can be instrumental in help preventing further disasters, the seminar concentrated or HRRBs, High Risk Residential Buildings, such as care homes where vulnerable people are put at risk by out of date regulations and standards, to which we Architects rely on when designing buildings. We have two such projects we are working on that fall in to this category, I'll tell you more about these in a later blog.